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Hey guys :D.
Is anybody interested in a perfectly working Apple MacBook 13 inch White UniBody model from 2010? It has a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4 GB of RAM and a 320 GB HardDrive. Screen is flawless from any scratches and smudges. There are some minor light scratches on the top cover and bottom cover and palm rest. Only visible when exposed to direct (sun) light. 
Comes included with original charger, box, booklets, CD's and family pack of OS X Snow Leopard.
Asking price is 620 euro (or the currency is now: 835 dollars) excluding shipping. Will ship anywhere in the world. Ask me for quote. 
If any more questions please do ask them :). Reason of selling is because I would like to upgrade to a Pro.
Pictures can be found here: http://www.shivon.nl/macbook/
Thank you! :D

Waffles head is done!

And as of this morning MixedCandy has finished the head for Waffles! Very very excited as he looks adorable and he is going to be so much fun wearing during EuroFurence in a week from now! :D. See you guys there!

Meet Waffles :D

It started out as a little joke, but eventually became very serious that it will become my second fursuit very soon :D . Meet my new mutt Waffles! Designed by the talented LatinVixen who is also the one responsible for making the fursuit of him! Absolutely love how this dog came out. Will have a blast bouncing around in him very soon :D .

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New car soon!

Soon I will be the new owner of a very nice 2004 Mazda 3 Sport 1.6 Hatchback car :D . A little dream came true today as I have always wanted a Mazda 3 car. Because they are good looking cars and very decent. The experience my father has with Mazda also kept me kinda stuck to this car brand and the Mazda dealer. They have a great reputation.
Now this beauty suddenly came to mind when my father was at the dealer, waiting for the maintanence to be done on his car. He told me about this car and it’s condition and the price. Everything seemed to fall right into a budget I could afford and the car is in excellent shape. First owner, low milage, always got it’s service at the dealer on regular intervals, new tires and more blablabla info :P . Just some scratches and minor dents that are hard to see, but hey, it’s still a second hand car, so I can’t complain :P . Plus I really get a good deal for my old Mazda 323 GLX car, saving me a lot of money for the Mazda 3.

Soooo, my dad got me all warmed up for it and I couldn’t resist looking at it myself the next day. And I was lucky it was easy to get the car out of the showroom so I could take it for a test spin. It made me fell in love almost completely as I turned around the corner :P . Can say a lot of things about how nice it was, so I will keep it to loving it. Such a huge difference in comfort wise and options compared to my 323. Options are actually called luxery ;) .

Also since this car came totally unexpected, I had to get a small loan to be able to pay up for it. No big deal since this is gonna be the car I will be driving for at least 4 to 5 years. By then the newer model of the Mazda 3 will become interesting for me to buy.

Anyway, I have to wait till Friday or Saturday before I can pick it up. They have to do another big maintenance on it and build in a little box that allows me to connect my iPhone to the speaker system. Soooo this is gonna be a long week haha! But I am super excited ^____^. Cannot believe it I will get the car!

Here are some pics for now.

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First blog with iPad 2

Today I went to buy the new iPad 2 and it didn’t took me hours of wait to get it. Actually got it pretty fast. But they sold out quickly on the Smart Covers, so I had to quickly scoot to another shop where they still had some, so that was lucky me :) .

Really happy with it so far :D . Also I am blogging this right now straight from the iPad 2 with my new wireless keyboard I got off eBay. There is a small lag in typing which seems to be more the cause of the WordPress app, then the iPad 2, as in other apps, keyboard functions smoothly without lag. Still this combination will become very powerful for me to blog where ever I go :D . Can do it faster this way and my screen is not being filled with a keyboard.

Awesome day and awesome weekend starts here :D .

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Bioshock 2 T-Shirt

Currently selling my BioShock 2 T-Shirt cause the size is too large for me unfortunately :P . Anybody that is interested in buying can look here at eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110659096760.

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Change of website

I’m just about done changing my website and thought I write a little blog :P . My website has been transformed into a blog style for all my LiveJournal kinda messages. Used to stop making those long posts because it took a lot of time and I got bored of it. But I got motivated again to write some stuff as it was really fun browsing through the history of my LJ, and watch all the stuff that I have done! The list is pretty long haha :P . Also posted some moments in life that were not so cheery, but it is great to see from how you started to become a wiser person today. So hench I want to continue making those life journals, a LiveJournal ;) , but then on my own site rather then LJ. But thanks to WordPress I can actually cross post my blog to LJ :P .

Also thanks to the iPad application WordPress, I can write directly to my own hosted blog very easy and very cool :P . Don’t have an iPad right now anymore, but on the 25th of March I should have my iPad 2 :) . My goal is to write small posts that are longer then Twitter, about the trips I do with my friends and other cool stuff worth writing. Some stuff you want to remember for later when you browse through it. Seems like fun and the iPad can help me for when I am travelling to write journals and for the ones that are interested being able to read it and follow it.

But the main reason is because of my family. They hear all the stories from my parents about the trips I make, and my parents always visits my family when I am a weekend in France or Germany, or on a holiday in the States or the UK :P . There not surprised anymore I am out of the country, but they are curious on my trips :P . Most of them know my fursuiting adventures too and they would love it if they can read all that and see what I am up too. So I hope I won’t get lazy again and write something once a while! We shall see :D .

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EF16 and more

So this is my last evening of my holiday, which has been absolutely fantastic if I say so myself :D. It all started with EF16, meeting up with so many old friends. So much people I don't even know where to begin. But you guys know who you are and I enjoyed every moment of it :D. I do have to say I feel bad for not having too much talks with some older friends during the con, even though I really wanted too :/. Cons are always a pain for me as I like so many people and I want to give them all of my time, but it's just really hard. Gotta set some priorities though for next EF :).

Anyway, the con itself has been really good. From the experience of the Ringberg Hotel for 3 years, this was new and different. Definitely liked the rooms, the room key system of the new hotel. Also the bar was better and I really liked the lobby area. The fursuit lounge was perfect this year! Such a nice big space filled with everything we suiters need.
Of course there are also some negs like the prices for beers and the lack of roaming around the hotel while in suit. Your almost forced to get out of the hotel to not get bored in suiting. Also the dealers den was WAY too small. And some other minor details that I am sure will be fixed next year :).
If I had to choose between the Maritim or the Ringberg, I would still choose for the Ringberg. The location of that hotel is what makes EF such an nice place to be. With the new hotel we are getting more American like. Which is not nessacary a bad thing, but you miss the atmosphere that the Ringberg provided. Not a real fan of city envirements, even though there were VERY good options for food :P. I LOVED the Italian place just on the corner! It was cheap and VERY good food. I was shocked :D.

Also during EF16, after so many years of knowing them online, I got to hang out with my new buddies Nitro and Spark :D. Two wonderful people who are so nice and kind and enjoying their suiting oh so much. Always looked up to them when it comes to their performance in suit and the charity they do once in a while for the children. So after EF I had the pleasure of taking them both to my place where they would stay for the rest of the week, exploring Holland. We have been to places like Den Haag, Delft, Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland, Duinrell Tikibad, De Efteling, Madurodam, Rotterdam Diergaarde Blijdorp (Zoo), Fursuiting in Delft and many more things :D. Many details really like getting drunk on Saturday evening with all kinds of beer, considering that is the only thing in Holland that is WAY cheaper then in Canada :P. I've really had a good time with them and I am really sad for having to leave them this Sunday morning at the Amsterdam Airport. If you get to spend 2 weeks of time with 2 people you always had a connection with for years, it just sucks to see them leave :P. I know I got so much friends around me and I love them all, but my friends from the USA and Canada always hurt a little bit more seeing them go, as you only get to see them once a year at best :). But thankfully I will see Nitro and Spark soon enough in January ^^.
Also I am really bad in writing reports on every single day what we have done :P. There is just too much to tell, but we really had a good time despite the weather which was typical Dutch weather. Rain and cloudy for the most part. 

Ahh well.... 2 week vacation period is over and I did not regret one single moment of it :). Time flies when your having fun. Tomorrow is the first day of work again and it's not gonna be a joy, since I have to catch up for 2 weeks of work and I got a cold :/. So I am not feeling well at all :(. That will break the concentration for sure. Also my parents will be gone for the whole week to holiday, so I need to take care of everything in the house my self :P. Also today I found out my dad will quit his job as a driving instructor, which really came as a shock to me. This means he has to sell the car and financially we would have to cut back a little. The job he has now covers the bills just fine and still got some savings, but we won't be able to do much luxury things anymore and stuff. All in all I am not worried at all though. This just means that I will have to pay more for myself and stuff which I am fine with. Got a job, got the money, it's all good :). Life can take interesting turns sometimes. Always thought my dad would keep on going with instructing until his pension.

Anyway, the last 2 weeks have been a true blast :D. I need the coming weekend though to get some energy. Hopefully work will treat me good.

Birthday tomorrow :)

Tomorrow I will finally turn 21 years old :P. Finally no more limits when it comes to alcohol in the USA :P. So when I go back there again, I can finally have a beer.

Anyway, some people asked if I was going to celebrate it with a party or something. Sadly not... I have decided to keep it at a family meet :). This also means it kills any requirements for presents :P. Of course I don't mind getting any ;). Would accept them for sure xD (im Dutch hehe). But if you guys really want to give me something, just surprise me :). A good red wine works, a drawing or just simply money. Or loooooads of stroopwafels xP. Whatevah :). Your choice.

USA photo's

Posted all of the photos of the USA trip on my gallery :). If you want to take a look, feel free to do so here: http://www.shivon.nl/photos/index.php?cat=41. Still need to work on finishing up the blog. That might take some time xD. Hope to finish it by the end of the week.

Back Home

Hmmmm.... VERY tired... But I have made it back to my little home after a long flight from Orlando, Florida. Totally sad because of the good times I had with my very close friends and just loving the whole USA feeling. Totally understand what some people are going through :P. It still feels a bit... unreal... that I am home again and that I have done so much great stuff in the last 2 weeks. Feels like a dream :).

Looking forward to the outing in Delft on Saturday. Gonna be a fun one :). Gotta prepare some stuff and I can try my new snaps! Should work out nice :).

Either way... LatinVixen, Adam, TriggerFox, Apollo, Moonstalker, Nick, Lacy and all the rest that were there during my stay in the USA, you guys are the best! I miss you all so much and I cannot wait till we meet again! Which thankfully is gonna be in September for EuroFurence :).

Val and Adam, thank you guys so much for having me over and hosting me for 2 weeks and showing me all the cool stuff and making my first USA trip, something I will never forget :). From the bottom of my heart, thank you soooo much! I love you guys :).

Time to clean some stuff, unpack, and get a few hours of sleep. Gotta fix the jetlag :).

Pictures :D

 Ooooh yeahhh! Got some pictures I gotta share with you guys :D. Chibi Marrow made 2 sketches for me. One with stroopwafels and the other one are my friends who have been such a excellent host to me during the USA :D. 

FWA 2010

I've posted some stuff about FWA 2010 on my blog :D. You can take a look at this website: http://blog.shivon.nl.

It was a lot of fun :D. And at the moment I smell the spearibs sauce that Adam is making. I'm gonna have some true American spearibs :D. Nommmmm ^^


LV's sudden lock-up

I just wonna say..... I had nothing to do with the lock-up for friends only on LV's LiveJournal! Seriously... :). 

One more night left :3

Wohooooooooooooooo!!!! :D :D. Just one more night left before I head over to the USA and attend the FWA convention :D. Will be leaving for 2 weeks and have a great time with LatinVixen and KuddlePup and many more friends :D.

Sadly I had have to leave my European friends behind (not all, but some :P). Be safe everyone and I will see you all after my trip :D. Don't forget that I will post my adventures as much as possible on the following website: http://blog.shivon.nl. Thanks to Karpour for the wonderful idea :P.

I'm nervooooooooooooooous :D. Hahaha!

See you all very soon at FWA or after 2 weeks back home :D.